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What’s In Your Grooming Kit?

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Aug 13, 2019 2:44:09 PM

Though show season is half over, your horse is always going to need a thorough grooming. Now is a good time to review your grooming tools and supplies. What’s missing? what’s no longer up to the job? what do you want in a new color? The experts at have created a handy list of what you need to keep your horse looking his best:

grooming-1*Rubber currycomb

*Rubber grooming glove

*Massaging curry

*Metal curry

*Medium or stiff bristle brush

*Soft brush

*Body brush

*Face brush

*Rub rag or sheepskin mitt

*Hoof Pick

*Shedding block or blade

*Wide-tooth mane/tail comb

*Mane pulling comb

*Mane & tail brush


*Sweat scraper

*20-quart bucket

Once you’ve got all the essentials, where can you store them for easy and fast access?Ultimate frame_opt

Check out Classic Equine Equipment  storage systems. The Ultimate Baskets hang over any 2" rail. The Ultimate Frame can be used with any Ultimate Tack System component to provide great storage solutions anywhere in your tack room or trailer. Dimensions are 17.5"W x 56.25"H.

The Ultimate Shelf is large enough to safely store hat boxes and saddle pads off the floor. The Ultimate Shelf is designed for the top tier of the Ultimate Frame. Dimensions are 28"W x 26"D. The Ultimate Large Basket is Perfect for holding all those extras needed on the go and easily removable for carry and convenience. Dimensions are 18"W x 13"D x 8"D.

Ultimate TackThe Ultimate Small Basket is perfect for medications, feed supplements, leg wraps and spray bottles. Dimensions are 19"W x 6.5"D x 7"H. Best of all, the Classic Equine Equipment Ultimate Tack System allows you to order any combination of components so you can organize your grooming and other horse supplies your way. They are available in a standard galvanized finish or can be powder coated in any of Classic's color options. Once your grooming supplies are updated and organized, you can spend more time riding!


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