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Ways to Reuse Your Muck Buckets

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Sep 5, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Many barns use muck buckets as a way to clean stalls and transport used shavings and manure to a pile for composting. But while they are sturdy, sometimes these faithful muck buckets can crack or tear or lose a handle. Before getting rid of them, consider these other uses.

daisies-2209084_1280-Extra seating around the barn

-Large bucket for water for your horse

-Washing tub for your brushes and other grooming tools

-Planter for flowers to decorate outside the barn. Or grow carrots in them.


-Trash container

-Recycling container for bottles, cans, etc.bucket-2698838_1280

-Lost and found for items found at the barn

-Laundry basket for polos and saddle pads

-Ice bucket for cold drinks

-Hay manger for your horse to keep hay off the ground

-Organizer bin to keep small items together in your trailer

triangle-1710880_1280-Leg soaking tub

-Used tack donation container

-Training obstacles, e.g. jump standards, dressage letter markers, etc.

-Hay net filler

-Or, If all else fails, remember to recycle.

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