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Stable-ity Grids by CEE.

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Apr 13, 2022 2:00:00 PM

With lots of rain comes muddy pastures and muddy horses. There are several months throughout the year when mud can become a stressful problem. In the spring months, rain can fall for long periods of time causing a monsoon of mud puddles. In the winter months when snow falls and then finally melts the ground becomes a muddy mayhem. Stable-ity GridsThis often results in numerous calls to the farrier to replace a pulled shoe from sticky mud or endless baths after each turnout. Some possible ways to help manage mud are shavings, gravel, ground cloth, etc.  but there is a permanent solution for mud management. Classic Equine Equipment offers a stable-ity grid system that can be installed in any place that needs to stay level and mud-free. 


Install the Stable-ity grid in the muddiest areas of your horse pasture. Installing the grid by your horse’s water trough or feeding area can help reduce mud. Installing the grid in a heavily trafficked gate area significantly reduces mud and can lead to improved footing.

Stable-ity Grid

Barn Aisles

Tired of always filling in ruts in your barn aisle

? Installing the Stable-ity grid can help eliminate ruts that often occur. This can save the time and expense of heavy maintenance on your barn aisle.


Do you have horses who paw or dig into the base of their stalls? Determined horses can create holes on an almost daily basis, mixing the stall base into the shavings and making a mess that’s difficult to deal with. Stable-ity grids can put an end to this issue, creating a definite base to your stall that horses can’t paw through.

Other places the grid is often used are paddock entrances, sacrifice turnouts, around water troughs, run-in sheds, stalls, barn aisles, and in place of French drains.

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