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Spring cleaning

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Mar 20, 2024 2:00:00 PM

Spring has sprung, and that means- Spring cleaning! Don't try to do it all in one weekend though. Prioritize what is most important and start there. Remember some things can be done in inclement weather (like cleaning the tack room) while others might be better when you can turn your horse out (like updating/cleaning his stall). Stalls:Volare Stables

-Push all bedding to the sides or completely strip and check the floors or stall mats for holes or excessive wear. Disinfect flooring. Refill holes or replace mats as needed. Add fresh bedding.

-Sweep cobwebs from rafters, around buckets, corners, and other places.

-If you do not want birds nesting in your barn, now is the time to take appropriate measures. Some people use plastic owls in their barns to scare off birds while others use recordings of bird sounds.

-Check stall walls and doors for protruding nails, replace rotting boards, and tighten loose door/window hinges. Check for evidence of rodents and eliminate access holes.

-Evaluate and start your fly prevention program. Eliminate standing water that can breed mosquitoes, spray to prevent wasp nests, and make sure you have plenty of fly spray on hand.

-Wash all feed and water buckets.

Tack Room:

-Be optimistic about the weather and send your winter blankets for repair and cleaning.

-Thoroughly inspect all your leather tack, repair any damage and give everything a good cleaning.

-Gather all your unused tack, horse supplies, and blankets and give to a local horse charity, consignment shop or have a barn sale.

-Go through your medical supplies/supplements and get rid of anything that is expired or no longer useable.

-Clean and disinfect your grooming brushes, sponges, and towels and let them dry thoroughly.

-Sweep the floor and any cobwebs.

-Organize your tack room with our Ultimate Tack System.

Outside the barn:Rock Ridge Development
-Evaluate the drainage around the barn. Did you have too much mud this year? Start planning now to add gutters, rubber mats, a stable-ity grid system, or gravel to eliminate excess mud.
-Check the roof for storm damage.
-If you have gutters make sure they are clear of leaves and other debris.
-Check outside doors and windows for repair.
-Check all fencing for breaks or exposed wire. Make sure all wood boards are secure, with no nails sticking out.
-Clean and disinfect all outside water troughs.
-Consider fertilizing and/or applying weed control BEFORE turning horses out on pasture. Make sure to read directions on proper wait time between application and turn out.
Lastly, tack up your horse and enjoy a ride in the (hopefully) warmer, sunnier weather. We recommend repeating this regularly!

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