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Keeping Your Grey Horse Clean

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Jan 19, 2022 2:51:24 PM

If you own a grey horse, you know how grey horses seem to be mud and dirt magnets. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to hide dirt in a grey coat and impracticable to keep your horse in a cover sheet all the time. These tips can help you in the challenge to keep your grey horse clean.

Classic Equine Horse BlogSpray-On Spot Removers

Whether you're preparing your horse for a clinic or show or simply wanting him to look his best for a lesson, spray-on spot removers will become your best friend. There are a variety of spray-on spot removers on the market for you to choose from, but they all share the same ability to remove manure, grass, and urine stains from your grey horse’s coat.

A spot remover is ideal for cleaning up stains and dirty patches on your grey horse. You can target specific areas without having to bathe the entire horse. Spray on the liquid, wait a few minutes, and then rub a rag over the stain, lifting the dirt away. Let the area dry and brush the hair down again for a smooth finish.

Grooming Wipes

Grooming wipes are also handy for horse touch-ups. Grooming wipes are great for cleaning up smaller areas, especially those on your horse’s face where a spot remover may be difficult to apply. If you don’t have grooming wipes handy, then baby wipes can also be useful for smaller jobs.

Shampoos for Grey Coats

Baths are important for grey horses since they’re one of the few opportunities that you have to get your horse truly clean. Using shampoos intended specifically for grey coats can help bring out the shine in your horse. Whitening shampoos are also highly successful in removing stains from grey coats.

When you bathe your horse, bathing heavily stained areas twice can help to get a deeper clean. Legs and tails in particular may benefit from multiple washings. Just make sure that you thoroughly wash out all of the shampoo from your horse’s coat once you’re done.

Baby Powder and Corn Starch

If you’re heading into the show ring, you may need to cover small areas that didn't completely clean up. Baby powder and corn starch are both useful for lower-leg touch-ups and spot cover-ups on your horse’s body. Just make sure that your show clothes are covered when you apply them – otherwise, you could end up with white powder all over.

Coat Conditioner

Finally, choose a coat conditioner that actively repels dust. Finishing off your horse’s coat with a quality conditioner can help to preserve the clean appearance that you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Grey horses are a major challenge to keep clean, but with hard work and elbow grease, it can be done.

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