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Is Your Barn Ready For Winter Occupancy?

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Oct 3, 2019 2:56:48 PM

Ah, remember summer? Long days for turning horses out to graze and play. But now that winter is slowly approaching, you and your horse will be spending more time inside the barn. Do a barn safety walk-through to be ready for extended inside time.

*Check your barn structure for damage to posts, beams or walls? hay-1536415_1280Is the roof in good condition? 

*When possible, hay and shavings should be stored in a separate building. Storing hay in a well ventilated loft is preferable to the floor. If you store hay on the floor, place it on pallets as far from stalls as possible. Keep the areas clean and swept.

nail-3419785_1280*Check stalls for damage to wood surfaces, broken or cracked feeders, protruding nails.

*Check the floor for damage or uneven surfaces. Repair or replace torn stall mats.

*Check stall latches and door locks to be in good working order? Do they pose a hazard? Will tack or horses be hung up on them?

*Are aisle ways clear of clutter? Any Items stored in the aisles should be Rotating tack wall openplaced on hooks high enough that a panicked horse will not be injured. Tack boxes and other items on the floor should not prevent stall doors from opening. For more ideas check out our ultimate tack system.

*Wash areas should be free of clutter and any shelves should be high enough that a horse will not hit the shelf.

*Grain and supplements should be stored in metal cans and lids secured with a bungee cord to prevent rodent infestation. This will also keep that escaped horse from gorging on grain

arena*Review arenas for holes and low spots and replace footing as needed.

By checking your barn, you can be breathe easier knowing that your horse’s environment is safe for the upcoming colder months.

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