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How You Can Justify Building an Indoor Arena

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Nov 14, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Think building an indoor arena is an indulgence you can’t really justify? Not so! There are several financial and horse care reasons why it makes sense.

VS3Increased Lesson Income

Do you live in a climate with harsh winter weather? Installing an indoor arena means that lessons can go on, rain or shine. Do the math - keep a journal and record every lesson that is missed due to inclement weather. The total at the end of the season might be eye-opening.

Ability to Charge a Higher Board Rate

If you’re running a boarding operation, the addition of an indoor arena can instantly make your operation more valuable and appealing to boarders. When you are able to offer amenities like an indoor arena, you can charge a higher board rate, and boarders will be willing to pay it. An indoor arena is an excellent investment for any boarding operation.

Better Preparation for Spring Show Seasonpicture1

If you or your clients show their horses, having an indoor arena is invaluable. When you lose out on riding time during the winter because of bad weather, you’re at a disadvantage during the first shows of the spring season. You and your horse will have had limited time to get into shape, and you’ll be competing against horses and riders who have had the advantage of an indoor arena through the winter. An indoor arena allows you and your horse to continue your training, leaving you better prepared for the upcoming show season and giving you a better shot at the ribbons.

Valuable Turnout Option

The paddocks are thick with mud or slick with ice, and the horses are tired of being cooped up in their stalls. When the weather just won’t cooperate, an indoor arena can serve as a valuable turnout option. While you won’t be able to offer every horse all-day turnout in the arena, having an indoor arena can mean that you are able to rotate the horses out for brief times so that they can stretch their legs. In a pinch, it will give you the option to lunge horses. However, if you do use your indoor arena for turnout, make sure that you take measures to preserve the footing.

If you think an indoor arena is a sound financial decision, contact Classic Equine Equipment for ideas and assistance.

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