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How To Attract A Top Trainer To Your Barn

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Mar 12, 2020 4:12:20 PM

One of the best ways to attract more boarders to your stable is to hire a good trainer to help your riders achieve their goals. Plus, it can add additional income to your revenue stream as trainers usually pay a percentage of their lesson fees or a flat fee for the use of your facilities.

Finding a great trainer who is a good fit for your barn can be a challenge. But most any trainer would love to work out of a barn that has the following amenities:

Classic Equine BlogLarge Stalls

Any trainer will be appreciative of a barn that has large horse stalls. Larger stalls help to keep horses comfortable, and allow horses to move around a bit. This can help horses to recover after workouts, leaving them well rested and ready for their next ride or training session!

Safe Turnout Areas

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to halt the progress you’re making with a horse due to an unnecessary pasture injury. A trainer will want to see safe turnout with safe, strong and visible fences without any sharp edges, good footing, and adequate space.

Indoor and Outdoor Riding Arenas

The presence indoor arena properly sized for the trainer’s discipline is a welcome benefit in bad weather, especially if it is easily accessed from the barn. Having an outdoor arena similar to what you’d find at an outdoor show can help horses and riders become acclimated to riding with distractions such as wind, birds, far-away sights, and other distractions. Of course, both arenas should have excellent footing.

Classic equine BlogRound Pens

A round pen or arena is an excellent training tool, and many trainers will appreciate having a round pen available when they need it. Round pens are particularly helpful when training young horses, though it can also be helpful for teaching riders skills such as improving balance and developing a deep seat.

When you look at your barn as a trainer might see it, you can end up with a facility that pleases both of you!

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