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Ways To Condition Multiple Horses

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Feb 21, 2024 2:00:00 PM

While we’re firm believers in the fact that you can never have too many horses, keeping multiple horses fit all at the same time can sometimes be a challenge. We’ve come up with some great tips to help you save time while keeping your horses conditioned and exercised.

Classic Equine Equipment BlogPony a Horse

Want to kill two birds with one stone? Consider ponying a horse while riding another. Ponying a horse is an effective way to put mileage on two horses when you only have time to ride one. Ponying is great for working both younger and older horses.

When ponying a new horse, start in an arena and ride a horse you have previously ponied off of before. Remember to stay safe and take things slow until both horses are accustomed to the process.

Turn Horses Out in Large Pastures

Don’t forget that you can rely on large pastures to keep your horses moving around naturally. The more acreage you can provide your horses with, the better. By locating your horse’s feed in various areas throughout his pasture, and by turning horses out together in herds, you can encourage them to move around naturally.

Lease Out a Horse

If you’re truly having a hard time keeping all of your horses exercised, then consider leasing out one of your horses. Leasing a horse out, either for a partial or full lease, will take much of the conditioning responsibility off of your plate. Leasing out a horse can be a big timesaver, and you can even bring in some extra income from the lease.

Enlist a Working StudentClassic Equine Equipment Blog

If you have too many horses to ride and too much barn work to get finished, then enlisting the help of a working student may be an ideal situation for you. The caveat: Working students generally are paid low wages, if they receive any at all. Because of this, you should be able to provide the working student with quality instruction and rides on good horses to make the position worthwhile. If this won’t work for you, then consider paying someone to come ride your horses or offering free rides to quality riders.

Use Horse Exercisers

Horse exercisers are a phenomenal way to ensure that your horses stay moving, especially when you can’t hand walk or ride each of them yourself. Exercisers allow you to customize your horses’ exercise program, keeping them fit and conditioned without needing to ride them every day.

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