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Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Feb 13, 2020 4:43:49 PM

The perfect gift for your horse this Valentine’s Day may be as simple as giving him a little bit of pampering. OK, we know you already pamper your horse with good food, a great stall and lots of treats, but these are some additional ways to make him feel extra special.

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Let him enjoy a nice long turnout. Outside with grass to graze on would be ideal, but often difficult to find in the winter. But a turnout in the arena can be just as relaxing and is good both physically and mentally.

Spend time with him. You don’t always have to ride your horse to interact with him. Talk to him. Groom him. Do carrot stretches or a bit of clicker training. Practice ground tying. You can even just sit outside his stall and read a book while he enjoys his hay – it’s the connection with you that your horse really wants.

You can also hand walk your horse around your barn or on a nearby trail. It’s a great way for both of you to relax and enjoy nature. A little grazing along the way will be especially appreciated. For extra relaxation, get your horse a massage by a trained equine massage therapist. If you can’t afford a massage therapist, you can do some gentle massaging yourself. Stay away from the muscles on his back and legs and concentrate on his neck. Many horses carry tension there. Start at the top of the crest of the main and place your hands next to each other with your 4 fingers on one side of the crest and your thumb on the other. Gently rock that small section of your horse’s neck back and forth. After a few little rocks, move down a bit on the crest. When you get to the bottom, move back up again. Go slow and be gentle.Classic Equine Equipment Blog

For a warm and wonderful treat for your horse, consider making him a bran mash – the horse version of a box of chocolates. While the occasional bran mash won’t hurt your horse, giving them too frequently can sometimes cause issues so check with your vet if you want to do them more often. You can also share an apple with him.

Give your horse a pat, hug or a kiss before you leave.

And wish him a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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