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Give Your Horse A Spa-Like Bath

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on May 7, 2019 3:00:00 PM

With spring’s arrival and the start of show season, it’s the perfect time to bathe your horse. Some horses are fine with baths; while others will fight every step of the way. So getting a bath done quickly and efficiently can be great for both of you. And since too much bathing can actually strip your horse’s coat of its natural oils, make each bath count. These tips will help you get a better, more thorough clean when you bathe your horse.

Sunset Wash Rack

Bathe in a Wash Stall

Most important of all, when you bathe your horse, bathe him in a wash stall. It is next to impossible to thoroughly clean your horse when you are bathing him on a surface like grass or dirt. Instead, use a wash stall so that you don’t have to worry about holding your horse as you bathe him, or keeping him off of dirty surfaces until he dries.

Choose Soft Sponges

Did you know that the type of sponge you use can affect how thoroughly you bathe your horse? When selecting a sponge, choose a soft sponge, since soft sponges hold more water, this can make your scrubbing more effective. You may want to choose a large sponge to maximize the area that you can cover. Car wash sponges can work, though you will want to choose the softest sponge that you can find. Natural sponges are superior in their ability to absorb and hold water, making them a bath time favorite.

Use a Soft Curry

While using a soft sponge will allow you to thoroughly spread soapy water through your horse’s coat, a sponge isn’t the greatest tool for scrubbing your horse. Instead, follow up with a soft jelly curry. A jelly curry is soft and safe enough to use on your horse’s legs, an area which can always use a good scrub. Opt for a curry with small, flexible teeth to really dig in and scrub your horse’s coat.

Consider Using Color Enhancing Shampooshorse-2182599_960_720

Color enhancing shampoos can help bring out a brilliant shine in your horse’s coat. Color enhancing shampoos serve to intensify the natural color of your horse’s coat while also cleaning and bringing out a beautiful shine. Opt for a shampoo that is created for the color of your horse’s coat to get the best results.

Change Water Frequently

As you bathe your horse, keep an eye on how clean your shampoo water is. Every time that you dip your sponge or curry back into the water, you are adding dirt from your horse’s coat to the shampoo water. If the water starts to turn brown, toss it out and add shampoo to a bucket of new water before continuing the bath.

Don’t Forget The Mane and Tail

Keeping your horses tail in good condition is almost as important as keeping it clean. Separate snarls with your fingers before you shampoo. Use creme rinse after you shampoo. Never brush a wet tail - you are likely to break the hairs. Spray on a healthy dose of Show Sheen to not only make combing easier, but to help keep shavings from getting stuck.

To get a great clean while bathing your horse, these tips plus a little elbow grease will make your horse shine!

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