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Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Mar 3, 2022 2:00:00 PM

For many horse owners, the farm and barn are your sanctuary. They are places where you and your family can enjoy your horses in peace. Or at least they should be. – encroaching development of neighboring properties or busy nearby roads can leave your private property feeling not so private. Don’t worry, though – we’ve come up with some great ways to maintain your privacy!

Set the Barn and House Back from the Road

One of the best ways to create privacy for your property begins with the construction stage. When you are planning out the locations for your horse barn and house, set them both well back from the main road. The further back that your barn and home are located, the more privacy you’ll have and the more aware you’ll be of anyone entering the property.

Install an Entrance GateClassic Equine Equipment Blog- Entrance Gates

An entrance gate is an excellent way to establish the fact that your property is private. Entrance gates don’t have to be big, imposing, ugly gates – Classic Equine Equipment offers a variety of entrance gates which can be tailored to the design specifics of your property. When done well, entrance gates create both privacy and make an attractive addition to your property.

Classic Equine Equipment Blog- Pasture FenceCreate a Perimeter Fence

An entrance gate won’t establish total privacy on its own, especially if your horse pastures are located near the road. In this situation, it may be wise to install a perimeter fence that connects up to your entrance gate. Try to locate the perimeter fence so that it is set in front of the pasture fence. This method can help to prevent drivers from stopping and petting or feeding the horses over the fence.

Use Landscaping to Separate Your Property

Classic Equine Equipment - Barn Shutters

Landscaping can be another effective method to establish privacy on your property. Adding dense trees and bushes can help to separate your property from both neighbors and from the road.

Install an Attractive Sign

Consider installing a "private property" sign at the entrance of your road or farm. Horses attract all sorts of animal lovers, and visitors may assume that your farm is public property, especially if your farm is large. Adding a “private property” sign can help discourage these visitors, especially when it’s paired with an entrance gate or perimeter gate.

All of these suggestions can help keep your barn/farm a private place for you and your family to enjoy. 

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