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Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Mar 7, 2019 3:00:00 PM

Barn hacks – they make life with horses so much easier. From money saving alternatives to super smart moves, we’ve gathered the BEST barn hacks together in a single list to save you time and improve the function of your barn.

1. Use Pool Noodles as Boot Jacksriding boot

No more buying expensive boot jacks – pool noodles work just as well. Head to the Dollar Store and pick up a pool noodle, then cut it into sections long enough to support the legs of your tall boots. Easy, cheap, and functional.

2. Keep Diapers On Hand

Diapers are a versatile tool when it comes to horse first-aid. Diapers are useful for poulticing a hoof or when applying an abscess treatment. They’re also a great way to add a little cushion to a hoof when a horse has thrown a shoe.

3. Use Rubber Mats in Paddock Entrancesloktuff-logo-mat

There are countless uses for rubber stall mats around the barn, but one of the most helpful uses is to place rubber mats across paddock entrances. These heavily-traveled areas are often the first places to get muddy, but rubber mats can help prevent that.

4. Use Vinegar to Remove Rust

White vinegar is an effective rust remover. Soak bits, studs, stirrup irons, and any other rusty items in vinegar for 24 hours to remove surface rust.

5. Use Baby Wipes as Grooming Toolshorse nose

If your grooming kit doesn’t contain a package of baby wipes, you’re missing out. Baby wipes are great for wiping noses and taking the dust off of your horse’s coat just before heading into the show ring. They can also help you to remove the crud buildup from inside your horse’s ears.

6. Reuse Dish Soap Bottles

Have you used up the last of your dish soap at home? That bottle makes a great tool for flushing out wounds with water. Just be sure to thoroughly wash out the bottle before adding it to your first-aid kit.

 7. Attach Tennis Balls to the Ends of Cross Tiestennis balls

Tired of the metal ends of your cross ties clanging against your stall doors every time you unhook your horse? Put two slits into a tennis ball so that it can slip over the metal ends and onto the cross ties. The tennis ball will hit the stall door or wall before the clip does, muffling the sound.

8. Put Dryer Sheets to Work

Did you know that dryer sheets can actually help to repel mice and rats? If you have trouble with rodents getting into your tack or feed rooms, cramming some dryer sheets into the crevices can help to reduce the problem. As an added bonus, rubbing a dryer sheet over your horse before removing a blanket can help to reduce the winter static electricity that we all hate.

 Our ultimate goal is to have you spend less time working so you can spend more time doing what you love the most- RIDING! Anything that makes barn work quicker means more time to ride.

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