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7 Barn Upgrades You Will Want

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Aug 16, 2023 2:00:00 PM

These seven upgrades (all available through Classic Equine Equipment) are functional, cost effective and can enhance your property value. These projects can be accomplished by most do-it-yourself-ers and the results will be appreciated by both the two- and four-legged users!

Metal exterior barn end doorsMetal sliding doors

Consider purchasing new metal barn end doors. To prevent rusting, look for doors made from pre-galvanized steel, and ask about the availability of a rust-inhibiting primer and powder coating. If you have a large opening, consider investing in aluminum doors, which won’t rust and are much lighter and easier to handle than either their steel or wood counter parts. Don’t forget to update the track system, too.

Dutch doors

Look for steel doors built with fully formed outer jambs, much like a regular door frame. These are made to fit an existing opening. If you do not have openings for Dutch doors, cut them in to your barn wall and then build a simple jamb. The doors are a great safety addition and add much needed ventilation.

Windows and window grills

Stall windows add light and airflow. If you add glass-paned windows, be sure to include protective grills. Bar spacing on grillwork should be three inches or less for safety.

Stall fronts

It is possible to just replace the stall doors and tracks. Grillwork for the front of the stalls can be added or replaced – just be sure the spacing is three inches or less.   For a more complete renovation, a one-piece fully framed stall door can be purchased. Be sure to consider yoke and feed door options, too

Stall mats

Consider selecting high-quality interlocking stall mats that stay in place. Look for mats that have a lifetime warranty against rolling, buckling and curling.

Aisle flooring

Often the existing floor must be dug out to accommodate the thickness of the flooring. Interlocking pavers provide less waste than larger matting, the finished look is elegant, and the surface is non-slip.

Tack room organizers

Like closet organizer systems, tack room organizers (ultimate tack system) have component pieces that allow endless combinations of racks, baskets and hooks to be mounted on the tack room walls.

If you handle one upgrade per weekend, by the end of summer you can have a great barn!

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