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12 Ways To Use Stall Mats To Solve Common Barn Problems

Posted by Classic Equine Equipment Blog on Jul 29, 2020 4:18:40 PM

While stall mats are great to use as the base layer in your horse’s stall for comfort, stall mats can also be used in several “non-traditional” ways to make your barn safer, cleaner and more user-friendly. Consider these alternate uses in and around the barn as well as other areas where you can use Classic Equine Equipment’s versatile and durable stall mats:

muddy-Stall mats help eliminate mud around gates, doorways and paddocks. They are especially useful in and around run-in sheds.

-Stall mats in paddocks are easier on your horse’s legs and make it  easier to clean up manure.

-Stall mats in hay rooms make it easier to sweep/clean and helps keep your hay dry.

-Stall mats in indoor wash racks are non-slip and easy to clean. In outdoor stall mats, they do the same thing, but also prevent mud from hose runoff.

-Stall mats in the shoeing area are easier on your horse’s legs when being shod – and easier on your farrier’s too!

-Stall mats in the grain room make it easier to sweep up spillsstall mats - Classic Equine while providing a deterrent to mice burrowing.

-Stall mats make great walkways in a variety of areas – down the aisle or in the tack room over concrete to keep horses from slipping or as a pathway to the barn in rainy weather.

-Stall mats attached to back walls of stalls can help save your walls and the legs of horses with a habit of kicking.

-Stall mats in the bed of your truck make it easier to sweep out hay or gravel.

-Stall mats are great to bring to a show. They provide a convenient, soft and safe place for your horse to stand and a clean place for you to groom or tack up.

-Stall mats can be used under your compost bins to prevent nutrients from seeping into the ground. They also make it easier to scoop out the finished compost.

Stall Mats- Classic Equine-Stall mats can be used around the house. Cut into smaller pieces when necessary:

Use in front of your sink to keep your feet warmer and prevent leg strain from long periods of standing.

Use as a mulch in the garden or around trees

Use as a welcome mat

Use a place to store muddy boots

Use in the garage or workshop to insulate the floor and cushion feet while working

Use in the back of your station wagon or SUV to keep it clean when hauling wet or muddy dogs

Classic Equine Equipment mats come in the traditional 4′ x 6′ style as well as our lightweight and portable Mighty Lite mats. 

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